GreenGold offers a complete approach to developing both new and existing mineral projects – including Operational Advisory, Engineering and Specialist Technologies. Our role is to reduce risk, bring down costs, and maximize returns.


Backed by our strong capability in Geology & Process, our clients are provided with a GeoMet approach, complemented by a full multi-disciplined detailed design team.


GreenGold believes in having the full development capability under one roof to ensure continuity and consistency in design. We do not outsource our engineering or rely on external consultants – this includes maintaining geology, mining and process expertise in house. GreenGold uses the latest design software in the delivery of projects – for both studies and detailed design.


As part of our project development package, our Advisory Group provides core operational strategies that are integrated into the Feasibility Study.


We incorporate sound operational concepts, such as owner-managed mining, drilling, and laboratories at the Feasibility Study stage: This means substantially reduced operating costs. We provide total support, including metallurgical laboratory, full process engineering, capacity building and project management services.


We implement proven technological innovations and specialist equipment that cost less and last longer. Our end-to-end project development services are designed to provide substantial economic advantages which benefit both funding efforts and project returns.


Project development with GreenGold accelerates bankable feasibility studies, and eases the transition into production.



Green Gold designs, develops and integrates technological innovations that maximize gold, silver and cyanide recovery. Our products are economical, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our resin-based technology (RECYN) reduces new cyanide purchase by 50% and guarantees 100%-compliant clean water discharge.

Our carbon-based flow sheets (GOLD ROOM) include innovative processes that increase metal recovery and reduce operating costs.

Our non-chemical system (NCS) retrieves gold and silver that is otherwise lost in the tailings dam.

All of our technologies are complementary and integrate seamlessly into new and existing mineral projects. They are best integrated as part of our complete project development package at the feasibility stage. Alternatively, they can be commissioned individually at any stage of development or production.



Green Gold’s specialist support services are an essential part of providing a fully integrated approach to project development and ensure best practices at every stage. We have developed what we consider to be an essential mix of related services not generally available in the mining services industry.  

Operational Excellence

The Advisory Group uniquely contributes at the Feasibility Study (FS) stage, and then again with implementation at the operational phase.

GeoMetLab combines the process understanding for flow sheet development as it applies to metallurgical testwork – often a missing link in the early stages of FS.

InQuip is where operational experience helps design improvements for specialist process equipment. And innovation and design excellence make for superior equipment, usually at a lower cost.

Although InDrill performs an advisory function, it also has a limited drilling capability when metallurgical or geotech samples are required as part of the FS process. It allows the mining company to see firsthand the feasibility of owner drilling.

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