PT Green Gold Technology (GGT) provides geology, mining, metallurgical and
process plant design services to the mining sector both in Indonesia and
Internationally. We have a highly competent multi-disciplinary team comprising
geologists, metallurgists, mining engineers, process design engineers and
structural engineers.

The GGT geology department comprises highly experienced specialists in
database development/ management, geological/ resource modelling, resource
estimation and resource classification for a range of commodities including
precious/ base metals, placer gold/tin/diamonds, coal, nickel iron ore and others.

GGT has an in-house Competent Person Resources and Reserves JORC, a
certified Competent Person Indonesia, and a Qualified Person NI43-101. We are
therefore able to sign-off on technical reports/ statements for publically listed
companies in a number of countries


  • Mirah Gold Project – Kalimantan
  • Sihayo Gold Project – Sumatera
  • Glen Wills Gold Project – Victoria, Australia
  • Bangka Tin Project – Bangka Island
  • Tujuh Bukit Database Design/ Setup – Indonesia
  • Kerta Gold Project – Java
  • Marsupa Ria Gold/ Copper Project – Kalimantan
  • Gunung Mas Gold Project – Kalimantan
  • Landuk – Placer Diamond Project
  • Kerempangi Mineral Sand Project – Kalimantan


Strong Integrated Approach | Emphasis On Recruiting The Best People | Labour
Cost Advantage For Off-shore Projects | In-house CP JORC, CPI And QP
NI43-101 | Experience Across A Wide Range Of Commodities | Strong Senior
Team With Proven Success | In-house Drilling Capability | In-house Geomet
Capability | Innovative And Unconstrained By Industry Norms | Focus On Adding
Value At Reasonable Cost

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