GreenGold provides a range of specialist services to support the project stages: from Feasibility Study – design and construct –  to commissioning, and operations support.  These services provide a superior in-house capability in areas that are not adequately catered for outside, but are essential for project development.


World-class services at every stage of development

Green Gold provides an enhanced approach to project development that includes an operations advisory function at the feasibility stage to ensure the incorporation of best practice operational concepts.  

There’s often a gap between the Feasibility Study and the reality of production which can result in severe repercussions in cost and time. Green Gold’s operational experience is provided through the Advisory Group and they provide the link between the FS and the commissioning/operation stage.

The Advisory Group not only provides the link between the FS and operations. More importantly, they contribute a significant cost benefit by assisting with the implementation of owner managed functions such as: mining, drilling, and assay laboratory. These cost saving measures feed back into the FS to provide real economic benefits, resulting in a more robust FS.

In addition to the owner management concept, the Advisory Group can provide assistance with all other areas of starting a mining operation, including: helping to implement best-practice in mining, grade control, processing, HSE, ERP, accounting, IT, legal and marketing.


Superior equipment at a fraction of the cost

Green Gold designs, develops and builds specialist equipment that is used in our resin, carbon and gravity circuits. We are continually improving existing designs and developing innovations aimed at making your operation more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly. Our equipment can be purchased as part of our complete project development package or as stand-alone components. The following are some of the innovative InQuip products, designed to bring substantial benefits to new and existing plants:


The INCON concentrator is an innovative centrifugal device installed as an add-on to new or existing processing plants. It acts as a policeman at the back-end of the plant, retrieving un-leached precious metals in a concentrate form and stopping them from escaping into the tailings dam. An environmentally friendly gravity system, the INCON is a low-cost investment that can substantially increase metal recovery.


The SILVER CELL is an electrowinning cell designed for the treatment of gold/silver electrolyte solutions. Its unique features ensure high recovery efficiency and in situ cleaning. Designed as a single pass cell, it brings added advantages to the metal recovery circuit.


Included in the InQuip portfolio are a range of screens for all CIL and resin applications. Based on customer feedback we have developed and refined the Inter-stage, transfer and safety screen designs for maximum efficiency.

Elution Columns

Used in both the RECYN and carbon circuits, Green Gold has developed custom designed columns for both batch and continuous applications.


Metallurgical laboratory

Commercial metallurgical laboratories are rarely connected to the requirements of the design engineer. They lack the design and operational experience to understand the implications of the testwork. Green Gold offers in-house laboratory services aimed at supporting the design requirements laid out by the engineer. Green Gold metallurgists and process engineers closely follow the testwork programs and adapt them to ongoing results.
The results are always relevant to the development of the flow sheet.



Independent, efficient and economical drilling

The overall cost of drilling is generally underestimated when calculating the long-term running expenses of mineral projects. Operational departments such as exploration, grade control and blasting work as separate entities without a clear understanding of the combined cost of drilling, which is usually the major cost component.


Contractors are appointed because they are perceived as having the expertise, equipment and service capacity. InDrill does not substitute the contractor but rather provides advisory services, helping you develop in-house drilling capabilities. We advise on equipment and rig maintenance. We provide ongoing operator training and organize spare parts and consumables for diamond, RC and Blast-hole rigs.


Green Gold has proven that establishing in-house drilling is not only more economic in the long term, reducing drilling costs by more than 50%. It also leads to more control, better efficiency and higher-quality results.

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