The Gold Room

Improve Metal Recovery and Reduce Capital and Operating Costs for New Projects

The Gold Room

The GGT team have an extensive background in Carbon based circuits to compliment its Resin based applications. Innovations are applied to carbon circuit design resulting in reduced Capital and Operating costs, often with improved metal recovery.

Circuit Improvements

Circuit improvements mostly relate to flow sheet concepts that simplify the gold recovery process.Elution procedures are modified to provide more flexibility in dealing with varying metal levels, especially for high silver projects. High efficiency Electrowinning cells are designed to reduce the labour intensive work in the Gold Room and reduce security risks. These concepts are linked to specialist equipment tailored for the process.

Specialized Equipments

The specialist process equipment is manufactured in Indonesia to GGT’s highest standards. Products offered include Interstage Screens, DSM Screens, Elution Columns, Electrowinning Cells and Pan Filters (Gold Room application). The equipment can be provided separately to any other GGT service.

Inquiry Form

A variety of services can be offered, including metallurgical testwork, flowsheet development, feasibility studies, and full EPCM contracts. An enquiry form is available or you may contact us directly at the listed contact address

Equipment Supply

GGT has a range of specialist Process Equipment designed to integrate with their flowsheets. Products include Elution Columns (batch and continuous), interstage screens, electrowinning cells, Filters, Continuous Gravity concentrators,, Regeneration kilns and Tailing treatment packages.