Recover Cyanide and Detoxify Tailings

Cut cyanide purchase in half and boost environmental performance. RECYN is the world-leading approach in cyanide recovery, metal recovery and tailings detoxification.

Based on an innovative resin-bead absorbent, RECYN reduces cyanide consumption by 50%, capturing free cyanide from the plant tailings and recycling it back into the leach circuit while recovering metal complexes and making them available for sale. In the process, RECYN detoxifies the tailings stream and guarantees 100%-compliant clean water discharge.

RECYN is efficient, economical and environmentally friendly. It is the only cost-saving innovation of its kind that is generating results today on an industrial scale.


Capture gold and silver with enhanced carbon circuit designs

The GOLD ROOM accommodates our enhanced carbon solution based on simplified flowsheet designs, advanced carbon management, elution and electro-winning cells. The GOLD ROOM connects seamlessly with our innovative RECYN technology.



More gold and silver with non-chemical processing

Maximize gold and silver recovery by retrieving it before it escapes into the tailings dam. Our Non-Chemical System (NCS) offers enhanced, back-end metal recovery using specialized sizing and gravity equipment designed and built by Green Gold. It is a natural extension to RECYN that can also be applied to mineral sands and alluvial projects.

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